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Speakers need to submit an Abstract for the conference. Once after the Acceptance of abstract speakers can present their talk at the conference. Abstract submission template format are available at the website.

As there are many different conferences organized worldwide so kindly contact the event manager to know the same.

A speaker can give maximum of 2 presentations for a conference.

Speaker can resubmit the abstract and wait for the acceptance or can directly attend the conference as a presenter.

Once after the abstract is accepted Speaker will receive the Official letter of acceptance will in 24-48 hours of acceptance.

The size of the poster should be 1×1 meter or 3×3 feet in dimensions. Kindly note that the size of the authors information should be visible from a distance of 1-2 Feet.

Yes Poster presenters need to submit an abstract that should include the title of talk, description of talk and short biography along with photograph.

It will be displayed in the final program schedule in the website. Posters will be removed by the end of the day.

Yes Invitation letter will be issued to all the attendees that can be used as a supporting document and can only be provided after the registration confirmation.

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