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Food Chemistry 2023

Website Link: https://foodchemistry.wideresearchguide.com/home/

2nd World Entrepreneurship Summit 2023

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Complementary & Alternative Medicine 2023

Website link: https://complementarymedicine.wideresearchguide.com/home/

What makes us Different

Wide Research Guide Platform (Events & Journals) is totally different from other scientific services. This is a platform where you need to build the gap between knowledge sharing by creating platforms that can be accessed easily. This platform provides researchers to publish their manuscripts, case studies in International scientific journals which are highly indexed. It also provide platform to build the gap between science & business. Wide Research Guide is the scientific platform to change the way each one can gaze towards scientific conferences, International Journals and events. We organize International scientific conferences in all the streams like Alternative healthcare, Biochemistry, Cardiology, Dermatology, Environmental Sciences, Pediatrics, Pathology, Oncology & Cancer, Microbiology and many moreā€¦. This is a platform where International experts meet & share their knowledge globally.

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