Our Services


Virtual Services

These services include meetings & conferences virtually, trade shows, speaker services, virtually, fundraising & auctions virtually along with the broad casting services.

These services bring speakers, delegates and other attendees closer & leave a good impression on the attendees. All the scenes are managed behind and live production can take place for the event.


Hybrid Services

These services mainly include hybrid events. This type of service takes place virtually and in- person both. Online event takes place as a webinar event through live streaming platforms, broadcasting or setting up a virtual space. Attendees who are unable to travel physically to a particular country can attend the event virtually.

Hybrid events are more convenient modes of participation. Attendees coming to the hybrid events boost their chances of attending the upcoming event in person.


In- Person Services

These services generally include hotel services, event & destination services, conference and meeting management.

Hotel Services generally includes the best site selection with contract negotiations. In this we need to find the perfect venue that is suitable for the event to be executed properly.

Whether an event is located near or at a distant location across the country, an experienced partner is required for all the logistics aspect of the event.


Indexing Services

These services mainly include archive & publishing services, journal indexing, event indexing, bibliographic indexing etc. It also includes data back up and duplication, sematic indexing, Meta data indexing, medical indexing, keyword indexing, document coding & indexing.


Consulting Services

These services are basically categorised into strategy & event consulting. It includes innovative technologies and taking the invention to market. Consulting services generally provides a platform for exchanging the ideas and this is the perfect place to find a mentorship.

Consulting Services Includes:

Organization of Scientific meetings- Site Initiation
Site management & monitoring them
Query resolutions & monitoring of reports.
Assessment visits

Strategy: Reports & matrices, accessibility features, third party integrations, customer support options.

Event Consulting: This is mainly for the businesses & organizations. These include technology sourcing, event programming and applications along with speaker management, attendees engagement, event guidelines, contract consulting. The main aim is the advanced new generation technology in health care streams.


Editorial Services

These types of services include proof reading, copy editing, language check and figure preparation.

Proof Reading: It is done to rectify the errors. It is totally required at the final stage of publication. Errors are basically the grammatical and punctuation. Manuscript review process takes place through proof reading. It has to go through many phases of review. Once after this process is over, it will be ready for the print process.

Copy Editing: This type of editing is required for the authors for complete check of the manuscript. In this entire manuscript is checked in all aspect of English like language, spelling and grammar. In this journal checking, journal formatting and word count adjustments takes place to meet the journal guidelines.

– Language Check: Language check is basically required for high level journals like Scopus indexed journals. They should go for language checking. This type of checking is really good for budget- conscious authors. In this editor is assigned to check the language of manuscript and they have great experience of checking.